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- 精美直观的基于手势的界面
- 峰值对焦*和强大的手动对焦
- 全手动控制,包括曝光度、ISO和白平衡
- 能助您获得完美曝光度的动态直方图*
- 捕捉RAW或JPG,获得最佳品质的照片*
- 带有内置水平的网格叠层
- 快速查看最近拍的几张照片
- 智能的自动和手动模式


峰值对焦要求使用iPhone 5S或更新的型号(5S、6、6S、7、8、SE, X, XS, 11, 11 Pro)
直方图要求使用iPhone 6或更新的型号(6、6S、7、8、SE, X, XS, 11, 11 Pro)
RAW要求使用6S或更新的型号(6S、7、8、SE, X, XS, 11, 11 Pro)

After 18 months of work, today we're excited to launch Halide Mark II — Not just Halide's biggest update yet, but a whole new app.

If you already bought Halide 1, we have great news: you're getting Mark II for free!

We have a lot to talk about and limited space in release notes, so for the full details check out our announcement at blog.halide.cam


Halide has been completely redesigned. We've taken years of lessons and advancements from Halide to inform its new design. Our new interface is simplified, yet more powerful — thanks to new gestures and thoughtful details throughout. It is even more polished than before. Of course, everything is still in easy reach with one hand — even on phones with a home button: iPhone SE users rejoice!

Everyone wants to shoot RAW. It's powerful — but where do you start

When you take a photo with the built-in camera app, it makes a ton of decisions on your behalf. That's great for most, but your involvement in development is part of the artistic process, similar to how photographers would choose a specific film stock and processing to achieve a specific look.

Aspiring photographers learning to process RAW face three big challenges. 1) Unprocessed images start out looking worse than you expect, 2) the iPhone cannot perform advanced computational photography, such as Smart HDR and Deep Fusion, while capturing RAW, and 3) Many popular photo filter apps don't support RAW.

All these problems leave aspiring photographers thinking: "Do I want to take a photo that's ready to share, or jump through all these hoops for maximum power when editing"

Until today.

Introducing two new features: Halide Mark II is the first camera to capture both RAW and computational photos in one burst, in a feature we call COVERAGE. Now you can take amazing photos that leverage all the advanced photography of the latest iPhones, while having a RAW in your back pocket in case you think you can do better.

We're making it easier to edit a RAW with a feature we call INSTANT RAW. Think of as midway between a completely unedited RAW, and a totally processed JPEG. It's really meant for editing, but sometimes you'll be amazed by the results. It's one tap in our brand new reviewer.


Mark II bursts with new tools to help with focus and exposure. First we revamped our existing Luminance and Color histograms. You can now keep them tiny and out of the way if you want your full attention on your photo, or enlarge them to obsess over fine details.

But our groundbreaking change is the addition of a third type of visualization, the Waveform. Up to now, this powerful tool was only used in high-end motion picture work, and we're the first app to bring it to photography. In short, this tool horizontally scans over your image to expose which color channels are clipped.

You may be familiar with Zebra Stripes, stripes appear when parts of your images are clipped. However, we've advanced the concept of Zebras to include details on which individual channels are clipped. We call them Color Zebras.

These are the most advanced tools for an iPhone camera yet: All of these features use something we call Extended Dynamic Range (XDR). We are the the first camera app to provide full, 14-bit RAW data powered exposure tools in realtime.


As a Halide owner, you own all of its core features. It is not going away. However, we are offering a separate, *completely optional* membership so we can offer services with ongoing cost, and premium, ongoing content. Subscribe today for an exclusive new icon.


Halide is made by a small team of three. It wouldn't be possible to ship a massive project like this without support from folks like you, a person who cares enough to read to the bottom of crazy long release notes. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support! If you love it, leave us a review!

— Ben, Sebastiaan, & Rebecca
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