tv show tracker 3

tv show tracker 3





tv show tracker 3 tv show tracker 3 tv show tracker 3 tv show tracker 3 tv show tracker 3

【tv show tracker 3】

Track your favorite TV Shows with a simple and elegant app featuring:

- A new Club feature to get and give recommandation to other users.
- iCloud sync between your different devices (iPhone and iPad app)
- A Today widget to see what's coming Today and Tomorrow at a glance
- Notifications when a new episode is about to air

And even more:

- Browse all the episodes ever announced for each of your favorite TV Shows.
- Get a quick overview of all the upcoming episodes and those you didn't watch yet for all of your shows.
- Display as application badge count the number of episodes you didn't watch yet ( count live updated as soon as new episodes air).
- Get the synopsis, a screen capture for each episode.
- Mark the episodes you've already seen to remember exactly what you have to watch next.

"TV Show Tracker definitely belongs on anyone’s home-screen if they care about knowing when their favorite shows are going to air."

"I feel that this app is great for anyone that likes to keep on top of their favorite TV shows. Never miss an episode again!"

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Fixed in 4.5.2:
- Fixed an issue with manual sorting being temporarily reset right after being set.

Previously in 4.5.1:
- Improves iCloud syncing reliability.
- Improves performance of the app for users with a lot of shows.
- Increased hit area of the Watched toggle.
- Fixes issue of manual sorting being reset in some cases.
- Greatly improved speed of search when having a very long list of shows.
- Fixed issues with search when adding a new show where it couldn't find any results despited the show exist in DB in some cases.
- Fixed an issue with your shows searching which might cause show list to become blank.
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