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Create, prototype, collaborate and bring your ideas to life with the widget design platform everyone is talking about.

? Design like you always imagined ?

The complete workflow and every part of the app have been designed to give you everything you need to create the best widgets possible.

? Bring your ideas to life ?

From pixel-perfect icons to hundreds of data sources Widgy is the perfect tool to design, create, test, and iterate.

? No templates ?

This is not another "customize the template" kind of app. You add elements, position them, pick their appearance, and what kind of data they use.

? Fast, powerful, and just the right amount of everything ?

Turn your ideas into a stunning reality, faster. Widgy is packed with tools to help you effortlessly design any kind of widget you like.

? Create high-fidelity designs for any screen ?

Due to grid design and smart tools, your widget will look great on other devices too.

? Keep everyone in sync ?

Share your designs in form of QR code, JSON, or a tiny file.

NOTE: Widgy optionally integrates with Apple Health. This integration is used to display your data if you select one of those widget types. Permission for Widgy to access this data is controlled through the Apple Health app.

As with Health, all other permissions for Widgy are optional and are there just to show you the data you want to be displayed.

? added gauge layer
? added layer groups
? added two more widget slots per size
? more smart symbols (+2 brightness, 1+ cellular, +1 charging, +1 dark mode, +4 volume, +1 moon phase, +6 VPN, +1 wifi, +4 wind direction)
? added special "refresh widget" tap action - the app automatically closes as quickly as it can, so other than jumpy animation, you don't have to do anything other than a tap to refresh the widget
? most of the layers that use time as a data source now refresh every minute
? added week symbol to calendar
? when selecting time-related data in any layer that supports such data, an "option button" will appear, giving you the option to pick a custom time zone
? added non-gregorian calendar types to the calendar (for example Chinese lunar calendar)
? added a self-mask option for solid/text/symbol, so you can have just the shadow of text/symbol/solid
? improved pinch to zoom in editor
? added accessibility text data source
? added location text data source
? added widget debug text data source that can help you in debugging your widgy

? added Chinese, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Taiwanese, and French translations
? updated Korean translation
? added Image Library - Random Photo From Album (With PNG Transparency)
? weather - added UV Index and Fog Coverage
? added more weather images
? improved calculations for weather min/max temperature
? improved rendering/alignment of weather smart symbols
? added "replace" option in layers ... menu (replace option replaces the layer type but retains position, size, background color, and effects)
? layer list display a little dot next to the last opened layer
? more correct handling of localization + date/time formats across the whole app
? all time/date entries that are not localized will from now on be always displayed in US English format
? added yr.no tap action template
? improved unit detection for the weather (British people should now see imperial units)
? added even more photo albums types for "Image Library - Random Photo From Album"
? added weather statuses to the Messages tab
? thumbnail cache now auto clears on every app update
? few new symbols added to the SF Symbols list
? web screenshot now automatically shows the last known URL in the URL bar
? altitude should now adapt to users locale
? added layer count to editor title
? pattern picker (and also the new gauge needle picker) now display (and scroll to) the last selected image
? editor - # menu now remembers your toggles between sessions
? improved resizing of rotated objects
? tapping on the HEX button in the color picker now always show the current hex value (so you can copy it for example)
? finger resize gestures now work on groups and rotated layers
? improved handling of widget thumbnails (no more "blinking" when going back to create tab)
? removed the widget refresh interval
? improved manual widget reloading
? better wifi status fetching
? improved location fetching

Bug fixes:
? fixed a bug that didn't fetch location if only picking the "system info - current location"
? fixed the -0C temperatures
? fixed fetching of multiple horoscope signs at the same time
? fixed wrong results in SF symbols search
? fixed - Image Library Random Photo From Album not showing Shared Albums anymore
? removed the duplicated "colored" SF symbols section
? fix for custom dates not updating by minute
? fixed - some date-related data sources were buggy around the new year
? HealthKit should not show 0 anymore (unless 0 is correct)
? switching tabs while changing the color opacity now shows the correct value
? fixed a duplicate list in acknowledgments
? possible fix for missing album art
? fixed create tab not refreshing the list of widgets if importing .widgy file
? it is now possible to have a proper circle when edges rounding is set to 50
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