Watchla delivers full control of your Tesla to the convenience of your wrist.

With a beautiful, clean & effective UI, Watchla aims to replace your phone for most of your remote access needs with your Tesla.

No more pulling your phone out of your pocket every time you want to check on your Tesla or tell it to do something. With Watchla all you have to do is raise your wrist to start interacting with your Tesla.

Watchla, being a fully capable app made for the everyday Tesla owner, can:

-Check various vehicle statuses (charge, climate, etc)
-Perform vehicle commands
-Offers an array of complications to keep you up to date with your vehicle right from your watch face
-Notify you of critical vehicle alerts

While also supporting:
-Custom layouts
-Keyless driving
-Sentry Mode
-Multiple vehicles
-& much more!

Keeping your account safe:

Watchla holds your privacy and it’s transparency to the highest level and therefore Watchla has decided not to even accept your account credentials as a form of sign in. In fact, Watchla will NEVER see your email and the only time Watchla will EVER process your password is to verify with Tesla to authorize Remote Start, which is required by Tesla when authorizing Remote Start.

As an alternative to credential sign in, Watchla made a whole new dedicated & secure Tesla token authentication app called Authla. Authla is MFA compatible and allows you to authenticate your Tesla account directly on Tesla’s website. No more inputting your email & password on 3rd party app text fields. Once authenticated, you can sign in to Watchla with Authla securely & seamlessly direct from your iOS device to your WatchOS device.

Your account credentials are never processed or saved by Authla or Watchla.

Signing in with Authla is the easiest, fastest, and most secure way of authenticating your Tesla account on Watchla.

As an alternative, you can also sign in to Watchla using your Tesla API access token. Just paste it in and you’re good to go!

To read more about how Watchla takes privacy seriously see our privacy policy at

Disclaimer: Watchla is not owned or endorsed by Tesla Inc. Watchla utilizes Tesla’s open API to safely & securely provide you with remote access to your vehicle.

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