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【Daum Cafe】

Daum Cafe has served as a place to share your stories since 1999. Now you can enjoy Daum Cafe's special features more conveniently through the app!

? Decorate your own home screen.
- Add your favorite cafes or boards on the home screen for fast access.
- Choose an image you like and set it as the background image for the home screen.
- Tap "Gallery Mode" to see "only" the background images you have set.

? Easy posting & commenting
- Now you can easily attach KakaoFriends stickers and links as well as photos, videos and maps.
- In the writing screen, long-press and drag any text to change the order of texts conveniently.
- A special feature only available on Daum Cafe App! You can write comments while looking at a post and its comments.

? Notification features
- Set Favorite Boards and Friends to receive notifications for new posts.
- Set "keyword notification" to receive notifications for posts including the pre-registered keywords.
- Set Favorite Posts to receive notifications when a new comment is added.

? Bookmark and other features
- Bookmark posts that you like. You can group them using tags and access them from PC too.
- Get in touch with your Cafe friends using the Chat and DM features.
- Other useful features are also available such as Cafe Theme, Password Setting and 3D Touch.

? Real-Time Popular Posts
- Top 100 hot posts are displayed in real time! Time will fly while you read them.
- You can also see weekly and monthly popular posts for the past six months.
※ Popular posts are collected based on posts on cafes which are open for search.

? About App Access Permission
1) Required Permission
- None

2) Optional Permission
- Album: To upload photos to a post and for the app home & member information.
- Camera: To take photos
- Microphone: To record videos
- Contacts: To invite a friend to the cafe from Contacts

※ You may still use the service even if you do not grant optional permissions.

This v3.10.3 provides:
- Improved push notification performance
- Miscellaneous bug fixes and app stabilization
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