1. Pride of Bumblebee /60点

  You've scouted the world thoroughly. All the secret icons have been collected.

  收集所有的秘密标示(secret icon),包含能量砖和技能道具

  2. Pride of Megatron /20点

  200 Autobot Drones have fallen before you.


  3. Pride of Optimus Prime /20点

  200 Decepticon Drones have met their match.


  4. Transform and Roll Out /10点

  You've transformed for the first time.


  5. Robots in Disguise /25点

  You've transformed 500 times.


  6. Keeper of the AllSpark /75点

  There is no Transformer that stands greater than you. You have achieved 100% completion.


  7. Sideways Motion /15点

  You can handle turns with ease. Achieved full Slide Skill.


  8. Wrong Way! /15点

  You're living dangerously. Ram 250 Cars


  9. Shot Putter /15点

  You've sent objects flying. Achieved full Throw Skill.


  10. Speed Demon /15点

  You've really burned rubber. Achieved full Speed Skill.


  11. What Challenge? /10点

  You have handled a challenge with ease. Complete your first Challenge sub-mission.


  12. Pride of Ironhide /15点

  You are the epitome of an Autobot. Achieved full Heroic Skill.

  学到所有heroic skill

  13. Pride of Brawl /15点

  Your destruction comes naturally as a Decepticon. Achieved full Destruction Skill.

  学到所有destruction skill,在沙漠关卡用轰天雷(坦克车)不断摧毁建筑物,直到成就获得.

  14. Mad Skillz /40点

  You are skilled beyond belief. Achieved all Skill items on all levels

  所有关卡学到所有skill item

  15. We Don't Need Roads /15点

  Who needs roads when you can fly through the air? Achieved full Jump Skill.


  16. Root of all Evil /15点

  You take pride in destroying your enemies. Achieved full Evil Skill.


  17. Suburban Hero /25点

  Bumblebee helped protect Sam in The Suburbs.

  完成the suburbs任务

  18. Suburban Hero Challenger /20点

  Completed all challenge sub-missions in The Suburbs.


  19. Neighbourhood Watch /25点

  You continued your defense of The Suburbs as Jazz and Optimus Prime.

  用爵士或柯博文完成more than meets the eye关卡

  20. Neighborhood Watch Challenger /20点

  Completed all challenge sub-missions in the suburbs.


  21. Could You Describe the Ruckus? /25点

  Bumblebee caused a disturbance in order to escape the Hoover Dam with the AllSpark.

  完成inside hoover dam任务

  22. The Ruckus? Challenger /20点

  Completed all challenge sub-missions in Inside Hoover Dam.

  在inside hoover dam关卡完成所有支线任务

  23. Downtown Defender /25点

  The Last Stand has been made. There's only one thing left to do...

  完成the last stand任务

  24. Downtown Defender Challenger /20点

  Completed all challenge sub-missions in Autobot City.

  完成autobot city关卡的所有支线任务

  25. Look to the Stars /50点

  Megatron and the Decepticons are finished. Earth is safe... for now...

  完成the ultimate doom任务

  26. Sand Blaster /25点

  The humans have much to fear. Qatar is destroyed.

  完成soccent military base任务

  27. Sand Blaster Challenger /20点

  Completed all challenge sub-missions in Qatar Desert.

  在qatar desert关卡完成所有支线任务

  28. Suburban Scourge /25点

  The Autobots fall before you. The Suburbs are done for.

  完成the hunt for sam任务

  29. Suburban Scourge Challenger /20点

  Completed all challenge sub-missions in The Hunt for Sam Witwicky.


  30. Air Traffic Destroyer /25点

  Starscream's power knows no bounds. The airbase's defenses are obsolete.

  完成a gathering force任务

  31. Air Traffic Destroyer Challenger /20点

  Completed all challenge sub-missions in the Airbase.


  32. Downtown Demolisher /25点

  The city is in ruins. There's only one thing left to do...

  完成city of the machines任务

  33. Downtown Demolisher Challenger /20点

  Completed all challenge sub-missions in the Decepticon City.

  完成decepticon city关卡的所有支线任务

  34. Finish this Planet /50点

  Optimus and the Autobots are but a memory. Earth is yours.

  完成day of the machines任务

  35. Weapon Systems Inactive /20点

  Your enemy knows the might of your fist. Complete Suburbs Chapter 1 using only melee attacks.


  36. Sharp Shooter /40点

  You're destructive and efficient. Complete Airbase Chapter 3 with more than 2:30 minutes remaining.


  37. Turbo? We don’t need no turbo! /30点

  You've got a lead foot and it shows. Complete Hoover Internal Chapter 2 without using boost.

  不用加速器完成tunnel vision任务(hoover internal第二章)

  38. Land Shark /10点

  The enemy can't hit you if they can't see you. Spend 2 minutes underground.


  39. Batter Up /10点

  Find a bat and make your enemy fly.


  40. Pit Crew /10点

  Stop your enemy in their tracks!! Use a large tire to harm your enemy.


  41. Ring-A-Ding-Ding /10点

  Dial up some pain for your enemy. Use the Helio phone as a weapon.


  42. I know Kung-Fu /30点

  You are quite skilled Grasshoppa. Perform 1000 punches.